Welcome to Regal Jewels

We’d like to welcome you to our online store! Regal Jewels is a family owned and operated corporation, established in 1987. Combining the best of exceptional individual customer service with the strength of a huge and varied inventory, we have developed into a pillar stone of the Chicago ethnic jewelry market. Education and honestly have always been deeply engrained in our policies, and our managers and staff are well trained and versed in gold, diamonds, and gem stones. We take pleasure in creating a personalized shopping experience. We are ecstatic to bring our fantastic collection online for your viewing pleasure, and are always happy to answer any inquires!

Since the late 1800s our family have been serving the local communities for their ethnic clothing needs. We are the fifth generation of sari merchants, with the sixth generation already in training! Spanning the retail and wholesale markets throughout now India and Pakistan, we have migrated through several countries before establishing ourselves in Chicago. We came as immigrants to Chicago in the late 1970’s, and it is with patience, determination and unwavering commitment that we followed the American Dream and built our businesses. We have proudly served the Chicagoland community for over three decades and through two generations.