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22k Gold Pendant of Tractor RFP2033


Introducing the RFP2033, a remarkable 22k gold pendant featuring the iconic symbol of Punjab, the Tractor. This pendant pays tribute to the agricultural heritage and significance of Punjab, making it a cherished and symbolic piece of jewelry.
Weighing 7.8 grams, the RFP2033 pendant is expertly crafted to showcase the essence of a Tractor. With dimensions of 3.0cm in length and 3.0cm in width, it is a substantial and eye-catching piece that beautifully captures the details of this emblematic symbol.
Crafted from yellow gold, the pendant radiates a warm and lustrous glow, representing the strength, prosperity, and pride associated with Punjab’s agricultural community. The intricate design of the Tractor showcases its distinctive features, evoking a sense of admiration and reverence.
The RFP2033 pendant serves as a powerful symbol of Punjab’s agricultural roots and the hardworking spirit of its farmers. It pays homage to the crucial role played by agriculture in Punjab’s culture, economy, and overall development.
Meticulously crafted from 22kt gold, the RFP2033 pendant ensures both durability and long-lasting beauty. Its high-quality craftsmanship guarantees that it will retain its exquisite details and shine, allowing you to wear it with pride for years to come.