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22k Gold Pendants (Hindu) Om RHP1218


Weight: 4.2 gm
Presenting a magnificent 22k gold pendant that showcases an exquisite blend of two-tone elegance. This pendant features the divine form of Lord Shiva sitting, crafted predominantly in yellow gold, with intricate details in rhodium plating.
The central figure of Lord Shiva is crafted in alluring yellow gold, capturing his majestic presence. The use of yellow gold adds a traditional touch, symbolizing purity and divinity. The intricate jewelry, hair, and the flowing Ganga river are accentuated with rhodium plating, creating a stunning contrast and highlighting the intricate details of the design.
This pendant is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of Lord Shiva’s form is beautifully represented. The combination of yellow gold and rhodium adds depth and dimension to the pendant, creating a visual masterpiece
With a weight of 4.2 grams, this pendant strikes a perfect balance between size and wearability. It is designed to be comfortable to wear while making a statement.
The pendant is identified by the unique SKU code RHP2018, allowing for easy reference and identification.
Whether you wish to adorn yourself with a symbol of Lord Shiva’s grace or present a meaningful gift to a loved one, this 22kt gold pendant captures the essence of divinity and showcases the craftsmanship in a unique two-tone design. It is a precious and cherished addition to any jewelry collection.