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22k Gold Pendants (Hindu) Trishool, Om, and Swastika RHP1217


Weight: 2.0 gm
Introducing the exquisite 22k gold pendant that beautifully combines the essence of Hindu symbolism and elegance. This pendant features a seamless fusion of three significant elements – the Trishool, Om, and Swastika – all intricately attached together.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant showcases the Trishool, symbolizing Lord Shiva’s power and the destruction of evil forces. The Om symbol represents the sacred sound of the universe, signifying divine energy and spiritual harmony. Lastly, the Swastika, an ancient symbol of well-being and prosperity, adds an auspicious touch to this remarkable piece.
Made from high-quality 22kt yellow gold, this pendant exemplifies both style and durability. The warm yellow hue of the gold enhances the overall allure of the design, making it a captivating piece to wear.
With a weight of 2.0 grams, this pendant strikes a perfect balance between subtlety and visual impact. It is carefully crafted to be lightweight, ensuring comfort while wearing it throughout the day.
The pendant comes with a unique SKU code, RHP1217, allowing for easy identification and reference.
Whether you are seeking a cherished accessory for yourself or a meaningful gift for a loved one, this 22kt gold pendant is a stunning embodiment of Hindu symbolism and craftsmanship. It beautifully combines tradition with contemporary style, making it a timeless addition to any jewelry collection.