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22k Gold Pendants (Muslim) Allah RAP1205


Weight; 4.5 gm
A 22k gold small pendant weighing 4.5 grams featuring the word “Allah” with a sand finish would create a unique and textured piece of religious jewelry. The word “Allah” holds deep reverence and significance in Islam, and the sand finish adds a rustic and tactile element to the pendant.
The use of 22kt gold provides a luxurious and warm appearance to the pendant. The word “Allah” can be written in Arabic calligraphy, capturing the beauty and elegance of the script. The sand finish, achieved through a special texturing technique, gives the pendant a grainy and matte appearance.
With a weight of 4.5 grams, the pendant has a slightly more substantial feel while still being lightweight and comfortable to wear. It can be worn on a simple chain or paired with other meaningful charms or pendants.
The sand finish adds a unique and artistic element to the pendant, creating a textured surface that stands out from traditional polished gold jewelry. It provides a visual and tactile contrast, enhancing the overall design.