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22k Gold Pendants (Muslim) RAP1211


Weight: 2.2 gm
A 22k gold small pendant weighing 2.2 grams featuring the word “Allah” with a modern design around it would create a unique and contemporary piece of religious jewelry. The word “Allah” holds deep significance in Islam, and the modern design adds a stylish and artistic touch to the pendant.
The use of 22kt gold provides a luxurious and warm appearance to the pendant. The word “Allah” can be written in Arabic calligraphy, capturing the beauty and elegance of the script. The modern design around it can include geometric patterns, abstract motifs, or any other contemporary elements that enhance the overall aesthetic.
With a weight of 2.2 grams, the pendant is lightweight and delicate, making it suitable for everyday wear. It can be worn on a simple chain or paired with other meaningful charms or pendants.
The modern design adds a unique and artistic element to the pendant, making it stand out and reflect personal style. It can incorporate elements of symmetry, clean lines, or innovative shapes, depending on the desired design.
It is important to ensure that the design and craftsmanship of the pendant accurately represent the reverence of the word “Allah” and uphold its sanctity. Consulting with a reputable jeweler who understands the significance of the design is recommended to ensure a respectful and authentic creation.