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22k Gold Tractor Pendant, Symbolizing Punjab-RFP2031


Weight: 3.8 gm
A 22k gold small pendant of a tractor, symbolizing the pride of Punjab, would be a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. Punjab, a region in India known for its agricultural heritage, holds a special place for tractors as they play a significant role in the state’s farming community.
The use of 22kt gold provides a rich and warm tone to the pendant, while the design of the tractor represents the hard work, resilience, and agricultural prosperity associated with Punjab. The pendant can be crafted in a detailed manner to capture the essence of a tractor, featuring wheels, body, and other distinctive elements.
The tractor design can be customized to include specific details that symbolize Punjab, such as incorporating elements of the Punjabi culture or adding symbols associated with the agricultural heritage of the region.