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22k Yellow Gold Pendant of Katar RSP1226


Introducing the RSP1226, a beautiful 22k gold Sikh pendant featuring the Katar, a traditional small sword. The Katar pendant is crafted with a glossy finish, symbolizing the strength and bravery associated with Sikh warriors.
Weighing 2.6 grams, the RSP1226 pendant is meticulously crafted to replicate the Katar design. With dimensions of 3.4cm in length and 0.8cm in width, it is a delicate yet captivating piece that embodies the essence of Sikh heritage.
Crafted from yellow gold, the pendant radiates a warm and lustrous glow, symbolizing purity and spirituality. The glossy finish adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the visual impact of the Katar design.
The Katar is a traditional Sikh weapon, representing courage, defense, and the warrior spirit. Wearing this pendant serves as a constant reminder of the valor and bravery exhibited by Sikh warriors throughout history.
The RSP1226 pendant serves as a powerful symbol of Sikh identity and faith. It is worn as a representation of Sikh warrior tradition and a reminder of the values of courage, strength, and selfless service.
Meticulously crafted from 22kt gold, the RSP1226 pendant ensures both durability and long-lasting beauty. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear daily, allowing individuals to carry the spirit of Sikh heritage with grace.