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22k Yellow Gold Pendant of Kirpan, and Khanda RSP1220


Introducing the RSP1220, a stunning 22k gold Sikh pendant that showcases the symbols of Kanga, Kirpan, and Khanda. With a glossy finish, this pendant beautifully represents the values and traditions of Sikhism.
Weighing 5.3 grams, the RSP1220 pendant is meticulously crafted to incorporate the symbols of Kanga, Kirpan, and Khanda into its design. With dimensions of 4.0cm in length and 1.1cm in width, it is a substantial and eye-catching piece that carries deep spiritual significance.
Crafted from yellow gold, the pendant radiates a warm and lustrous glow, symbolizing purity and spirituality. The glossy finish enhances its visual appeal and adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.
The Kanga, Kirpan, and Khanda are sacred symbols in Sikhism. The Kanga represents discipline and cleanliness, the Kirpan represents the duty to protect the weak and fight for justice, and the Khanda represents the core principles of Sikhism, including courage, righteousness, and protection.
The RSP1220 pendant serves as a powerful symbol of Sikh identity and faith. It is worn as a constant reminder of the teachings of Sikh gurus and the commitment to uphold the values of discipline, protection, and righteousness.
Meticulously crafted from 22kt gold, the RSP1220 pendant ensures both durability and long-lasting beauty. Its substantial weight and intricate design make it a statement piece that carries the spiritual energy and symbolism of the Kanga, Kirpan, and Khanda.