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22k Yellow Gold Pendant of Om RHP1247


Introducing the RHP1247, a stunning 22k gold Hindu pendant featuring the sacred symbol of Om enclosed in a frame adorned with sparkling Cubic Zirconia. This pendant represents the divine energy and spiritual significance of Om in Hinduism.

Weighing 1.2 grams, the RHP1247 pendant is delicately designed to showcase the symbol of Om within a beautifully crafted frame. With dimensions of 1.7cm in length and 1.1cm in width, it is a compact and meaningful piece that captures the essence of Om.

Crafted from yellow gold, the pendant radiates a warm and lustrous glow, symbolizing purity and spirituality. The frame surrounding the Om symbol is intricately set with sparkling Cubic Zirconia, adding a touch of elegance and brilliance to the pendant.

The Om symbol holds great significance in Hinduism, representing the universal sound and the essence of divine consciousness. It embodies the concepts of creation, preservation, and transformation.

The RHP1247 pendant serves as a powerful symbol of spiritual awakening and inner peace. It is worn as a reminder of the divine presence within oneself and as a symbol of devotion and connection to the divine.

Meticulously crafted from 22k gold, the RHP1247 pendant ensures both durability and long-lasting beauty. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear daily, allowing you to carry the spiritual energy and symbolism of Om with you.