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22k Yellow Gold Pendant with Hand Holding a Dumbbell-RFP2011


Weight: 8.7 gm
A 22k gold pendant of a dumbbell being held by a hand would make a great gift for gym lovers or fitness enthusiasts in general.
The use of 22kt gold provides a rich and warm tone to the pendant, while the design of the dumbbell being held by a hand creates a striking and powerful image that represents strength, discipline, and determination.
The size of the pendant can vary depending on personal preference, but a medium to large size would be appropriate for this design. The pendant can be worn on a simple chain or a more elaborate necklace to complete the look.
The dumbbell and hand can be designed in a realistic or stylized way, depending on the desired aesthetic. The combination of the gold and the design creates a unique and modern look that is both stylish and meaningful.