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Gold Set RJGS2007


Weight: 19.90gm
Length of Necklace and Earring 21.00/3.00cm
The 22kt gold chain set is a beautiful example of traditional Indian jewelry design. Handmade in North India, the chain is made from 22 karat gold and features a series of small and big gold balls that give it a unique texture and dimension. The chain attaches to a pendant, which is designed in a traditional rhombus shape. The pendant also features gold balls hanging from its edges, adding movement and interest to the piece. The combination of the rhombus shape and the gold balls gives the pendant a traditional and cultural feel that is characteristic of North Indian jewelry.
The necklace is complemented by a set of matching earrings that are also made from 22 karat gold. The earrings feature a design that complements the pendant and chain, with small and big gold balls arranged in a similar pattern.