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Gold Set RJGS2012


Weight: 19.90gm
Length of Necklace and Earring 23.00/3.80cm
The 22kt gold chain set is a stunning piece of jewelry that features a beautiful two-tone design with rhodium and yellow gold. The chain is made of thin 22 karat gold and has a unique design with rhodium balls and a grape bunch design in yellow gold. The chain is attached to a pendant that also has a two-tone design and is adorned with beautiful hangings. The pendant features a combination of rhodium and yellow gold with intricate designs, making it a perfect example of traditional Indian jewelry design with a modern twist.
The matching earrings complete the set, and they have a similar design to the pendant, with the two-tone colors and beautiful hangings. The earrings complement the necklace perfectly and create a cohesive look.