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Gold Set RJGS2015


Weight: 23.60gm
Length of Necklace and Earring 24.00/3.40cm
The 22kt gold chain set is an exquisite piece of jewelry crafted entirely from yellow gold. The necklace features a unique design that consists of two graduating balls chain, which is both elegant and eye-catching. The balls chain likely starts with smaller gold balls at the top and gradually increases in size, culminating in the largest ball at the center of the chain. This design adds depth and dimension to the piece, making it a stunning addition to any jewelry collection.
To complete the set, there are matching earrings that likely feature the same design as the necklace. The earrings may be smaller in size to complement the necklace’s larger scale, but they will likely incorporate the same graduating balls design, making the set cohesive and sophisticated.