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Gold Set RJGS2018


Weight: 17.50gm
Length of Necklace and Earring 23.00/5.50cm
The 22kt gold chain set is an exquisite piece of jewelry that features a coin design, crafted entirely from yellow gold. The necklace is likely designed with a combination of thin chain and coins. The top half of the set features a thin chain, while the bottom half is adorned with multiple coins attached in between thin chains.
The larger coin serves as the pendant, which is the centerpiece of the necklace. The pendant may have multiple link chains hanging, which adds a touch of elegance and movement to the piece. The coins may have intricate designs that showcase the expert craftsmanship of the piece, and the overall effect is likely one of luxury and sophistication.
To complete the set, there are matching coin earrings that likely feature a similar design to the necklace. The earrings may be smaller in size to complement the necklace’s larger scale.