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Gold Set RJGS2037


Weight: 38.80gm
Length of Necklace and Earring 20.00/4.50cm
The Gold Set RJGS2037, available on the Regal Jewels website, is a beautiful choker set made of 22kt yellow gold. This handmade piece does not include a tikka, but it comes with pearls with chand bali earrings, adding to its overall elegance. The choker features an intricate design with a traditional Indian aesthetic. The goldwork is beautifully crafted and detailed, with a curved design that follows the contour of the neck, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods. The pearls in this set add a touch of sophistication and complement the goldwork beautifully. Pearls have been highly valued in jewelry for centuries and are considered timeless and elegant.
The chand bali earrings that come with the set are traditional Indian earrings with a crescent-shaped design. They are intricately crafted with goldwork and pearls to match the choker.