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Pendants (Hindu) RHP1202


Weight: 0.6 gm
Size: 2 cm/1.4 cm

Machine-made lightweight pendant with the symbol “Om” on it. “Om” is a sacred sound and spiritual icon in Indian religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, representing the essence of the universe and the ultimate reality.
The pendant may feature the Om symbol prominently on the front, likely made of metal or a metal alloy, with a light weight to make it comfortable for everyday wear. The design of the pendant may vary depending on the manufacturer, but it is likely to have a simple and minimalist aesthetic.
Wearing an Om pendant is often considered a way to stay connected to one’s spiritual roots and bring a sense of calm and peace to the wearer. It may also serve as a reminder of the spiritual practices and beliefs of Hinduism, Buddhism, or Jainism.