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Pendants (Hindu) RHP1203


Weight: 4.3 gm
Size: 3.2 cm/1.8 cm

The product you described appears to be a 22kt gold pendant featuring the divine couple of Radha and Krishna with Minakari work set in an oval shape, embellished with cubic zirconia’s. Radha and Krishna are revered as the epitome of divine love in Hindu mythology.
Minakari work is a traditional Indian enameling technique that involves decorating the surface of metal with colorful enamel to create intricate designs. The oval shape of the pendant is likely to be finely crafted with intricate details and designs.
The cubic zirconia’s used on the oval are a popular alternative to diamonds, often used in jewelry to add sparkle and shine. They are a type of synthetic gemstone that closely resemble the appearance of a diamond.
This type of pendant is often considered an elegant and timeless piece of jewelry, symbolizing the love and devotion of Radha and Krishna. It may be worn on special occasions or as an everyday accessory, making a statement about the wearer’s style and spirituality.