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22k Yellow Gold Pendant of Tirupati Balaji RHP1241


This close-up image showcases a 22k yellow gold Hindu pendant featuring the image of Tirupati Balaji, adorned with intricate Minakari work on the face. The pendant showcases Cubic Zirconia’s, resembling earrings, on the Mukhat (forehead), and around the halo, adding a touch of sparkle and elegance. It is part of the 22kt Gold Pendants (Hindu) collection, identified by the code RHP1241. Weighing 3.5 grams, the pendant measures approximately 2.4 cm in length and 2.1 cm in width. The detailed craftsmanship brings out the divine expression of Tirupati Balaji, while the Minakari work adds vibrant colors to the pendant. The Cubic Zirconia’s enhance the beauty and grace of the pendant, creating a captivating piece of jewelry symbolizing devotion and reverence towards Tirupati Balaji.