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Punjabi Kada RPK1210


Weight: 66.41 gm
Size: 2.1
22kt gold men’s kada (bangle) with a Jaguar embossed design, a dotted rhodium line in the middle, and a comfort fit. The Jaguar is a powerful and iconic animal known for its strength, agility, and grace, and is often associated with confidence and courage.
The dotted rhodium line in the middle of the kada adds a subtle and elegant touch to the design, while the comfort fit ensures that the bangle is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
The use of 22kt yellow gold in the kada indicates that it is made of a high-quality gold alloy that contains 22 parts gold and 2 parts other metals. This type of gold alloy makes the kada durable and able to withstand daily wear and tear.
Wearing a kada is a common tradition among men in many South Asian cultures, and is often seen as a symbol of strength, masculinity, and power. It may also serve as a reminder of one’s spiritual and cultural roots.