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Tops Earrings RJE2037


22 karat gold earring tops handmade with screw back closures and a rhombus shape sound like a beautiful and high-quality piece of jewelry that would make a stylish and valuable addition to any jewelry collection.
The fact that these earrings are handmade suggests that they are likely to be crafted by skilled artisans who have taken care to create a beautiful and unique design. Handmade jewelry is often prized for its attention to detail and individuality.
The screw back closures on these earrings provide a secure and comfortable fit, which is particularly important for earrings that are heavier or more valuable. The screw back closures use a screw mechanism to hold the earring in place, which helps to prevent it from falling out or becoming loose.
Weight: 4.30 gm Height: 1.5cm Width: 1.0cm