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Two-Tone 22k Gold Pendant with Oval and Netted Pattern-RFP2017


Weight: 1.9 gm
A 22k gold small pendant with a 2-tone design, handmade in yellow gold and rhodium, would make a unique and stylish piece of jewelry. The use of 22kt gold provides a rich and warm tone to the pendant, while the rhodium adds a bright and modern touch.
Handmade jewelry is often valued for its unique and personal touch, as each piece is crafted by hand and can vary slightly from one another. The 2-tone design of the pendant adds an extra layer of interest and dimension to the design, making it a great choice for those who appreciate intricate and personalized jewelry.
The size of the pendant can vary depending on personal preference, but a small to medium size would be appropriate for everyday wear. The pendant can be worn on a simple chain or a more elaborate necklace to complete the look.
The combination of yellow gold and rhodium creates a beautiful contrast that can enhance the overall design of the pendant. Yellow gold is a classic and timeless choice, while rhodium adds a contemporary and edgy twist to the design.